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    Problem with Reader 10 in web browser - long time to display


      I am building books in InDesign CS5 and Acrobat 9 Pro. They range from 30 to 128 pages, with lots of images. The books can be viewed in Adobe Reader either standalone or in a web browser.


      The books are optimized for fast web browsing, which means that you get the first page quickly, then there is a progress bar at the lower righthand corner that shows the rest of the book loading.


      This works fine in Adobe Reader 9 and earlier versions. But it seems to break in Reader 10.


      When opening a document in the browser, with Reader 10, you get a blank screen until the whole document downloads, which could be over a minute. This was not a problem in Reader 9, since it lets you navigate the document while it's downloading.


      I tried turning off the new security features in Reader 10's preferences, but it didn't help.


      Has anyone else seen this?


      Is there a fix or workaround in generating the document in Acrobat?


      Is there a fix in the Adobe Reader settings?