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    How to load content from the application directory?


      I'm currently working on an AIR desktop application that will be distributed on OSX and Windows. The main applicaiton SWF will load a child swf that has been packaged. When I've attempted to load the child SWF via loader.load() with a URI of "app:\\TheChildContentSWF.swf", the load has failed with an IOError. If I force a copy of the the SWF (in OSX) to the MacOS directory where the executable resides, the child SWF would load. I was a little stumped by this so I decided to check what the nativePath of the application directory was via File.applicationDirectory.nativePath (it turned out to point at the Resources directory). Does the "app://" URI point to different paths when using Loader vs File?


      If so, is there a way to package content so that it is installed in a directory that Loader can recognize without hitting security sandbox issues?


      Visual of the OSX app directory structure (simplified)










                      ... // other content


      Thanks for any help!



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          DonMitchinson Level 2

          When loading application, move the swf to the applicationStorage folder if it doesn't exist already.


          Something like ...

          private var swfDistribute:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath('ResourcesChildContentSWF.swf');
          private var swfLocal:File      = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath('TheChildContentSWF.swf');
          private function onCreationComplete():void 
             if (!swfLocal.exists) {
                if (swfDistribute.exists) {

          Then you should be able to call your loader.load() URI with the variable (swfLocal)

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            jjtaylor06 Level 1

            I ended up resolving the path of the ChildContentSWF.swf in the application directory and checking the uri, e.g.


                 var childContent:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath('ChildContentSWF.swf');



            This resulted in 'app://ChildContentSWF.swf' so I believe I was attempting to load via an incorrect URI format.