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    mp4 export: much brighter than in PremierePro



      after export from Premiere Pro CS5 the material looks much brighter than it looks inside Premiere.


      In Premiere: PAL; dv footage (in *.AVI container); interlaced. CC etc.; all fx rendered (green line in TL)

      Export: h.264 / mpeg4; multi-pass; best render settings; deinterlaced


      I tried different encoding settings and players.


      I'm new to PP so I'm thankful for basic hints, like quality settings, render settings in PP regarding the output/export.



      I just found this article


      The pictures are looking like the problem i tried to describe. But... if i play the program in VLC - same problem.


      (Now I skipped through the faq/help articles and some video tutorials, but this didn't solve the problem.)