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    Elements 10 Dvd Menus


      I've created some DVD menus using photoshop and saved as psd format (there the correct size, etc)

      Having just brought and installed Elements 10 i'm trying to add the menus, but can't see how, i know the old encore i use to have could do it.

      If anyone could tell me how would be great

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premeire Elements templates can be assembled in pieces, as they can in Encore. DVD and BluRay templates must follow a very strict order of layers and layer set names.


          You can, however, take an exsting template and, under the Disc Menus tab in the program, swap in a new background, change the color and font for the text, etc.


          But you can't create a menu from scratch.


          Though, if you do want to learn how to build a menu template from scratch, I spend the better part of a chapter walking you through the process in my "Guide to Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 10."



          Though it's not a process for the feint of heart.

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            samon_18 Level 1

            I use to be able to create from scratch in encore, and load as many menus a i needed. so its a no then for elements then. cheers

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              PrE Menu Sets differ from Menus in Encore, though there are similarities in the Layer Set construction of each - similar, but with major differences.


              For starters, I would Open one of PrE's Menu Sets (Main Menu & Scene Selection Menu) in Photoshop. Study them closely, and you will see the similarities, but should also see the differences, and especially regarding Button Layer Set nomenclature, and the characters used.


              The reason for the differences is that in PrE, part of the authoring is semi-automatic, where it is fully manual in Encore. To allow the Menu Sets to function properly in PrE, certain conventions must be adhered to.


              I will second Steve's book. Designing PrE Menu Sets is not that hard, BUT you do need to get everything right, and he covers that in detail - much more detail, than can effectively be covered in the forum.


              When I create new Menu Sets for PrE, I will then create the PNG images (you will see them in the PrE DVD/BD Library), as they are the thumbnails that you see in the Create Menu catalog. While looking, not the file naming conventions, as that is important too. When done, I just create a New Folder, within the PrE Library folder hierarchy, and copy my Main Menu, and Scene Selection Menu (a Menu Set), plus their corresponding PNG "thumbnail" images, and then test them, to make sure that I have not missed something important.


              Good luck,



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                samon_18 Level 1

                Cheers, but am gonna de-activate and send it back and go back to encore. Prefer the manual method, is more customizable for what i'm wanting

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  After having used Encore for many years, I have to admit that I would never give it up. The semi-automatic authoring in PrE is not something that I have used more than a very few times, and mostly for testing in this forum. For me, though manual, the power of Encore is intoxicating.


                  Adobe offers a 30-day, money-back gurantee, so just act before 30 days.


                  Good luck,