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    Re : Need pointers with Importing Projects design

      Hello All,

      How are you? Hope all is well. I am pretty newbie at this and been going through forums and documentation to get answer but couldn't find one. BTW,I am a developer , trying to pickup this great nifty tool. I am using RH V7.00.145 -- > Web Help -->RH HTML.

      Okay, I have 2 webhelp projects ( Proj1 , Proj2) . They both have there own project folders deployed on web. Now I am trying to create BigProj, which basically combines Proj1 + Proj2. So I basically instead of recreating BigProj completely, I was looking for ways to just reference Proj1 + Proj2 and show combined view in BigProj. This way I dont have one big fat folder with copies of Proj1 + Proj2 , but one slick folder which just reference files ( Topics + TOC + Index + Glossary + Mapping ....whole project in nutshell)

      I am missing some obvious ways to do it ...couldn't find what it is . I was able to create ( New TOC + New Index + New Glossary ---> Then copy exiting TOC,Index, Glossary...also, Restore broken links, by selecting each individual topic and searching its .html file under corresponding proj. folder) ...Kinda long convoluted way.

      Would highly appreciate if you expert out there can help me out. Please let me know if I have missed on something.