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    Missing Plug-ins...personal file has not changed hands or versions

      Of course... almost done with my internship and guess what happens - my file wont open in InDesign. Missing plugins? OK! Haven't had a problem opening my file for 3 months.


      I have only opened my file on my personal computer and have only made changes on my computer as well. Now all of a sudden, the file won't open. The ONLY time the file has moved is when I took it in to get a test print done and the person working took the file off of my external hard drive and put it on his desktop - he copied and pasted it (im assuming). I have read in other forums that there may be a problem from going to cs3 to cs5 and I understand that but that's not whats happening in my case. PLEASE HELP!



      indesign1.JPGthis is the first promt that pops up

      indesign2.JPG...and this is the second.


      i have successfully opened up other InDesign files that are on my harddrive with no problems.