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    Flash Player/Reader .exe Won't Open


      I attempted to download the new versions of Flash Player and Reader, and I was able to download the .exe files, but when I try to run them, Internet Explorer opens for some reason, and then crashes before displaying a page. After this, the same Window that asks me if I want to run, save, or cancel the .exe file opens again. If I attempt to run it again, the Internet Explorer page will open again and the process will repeat ad infinitum. I have also noticed that almost all the Quick Start icons on my desktop have been changed to an image of the Internet Explorer Icon on a blank white page. This only happened after I downloaded the .exe Flash Player and Reader files. When I try to open them (e.g. Firefox, Skype), they do the same thing as the .exe and open Internet Explorer. I have already tried uninstalling the old versions of Flash Player and Reader. I have Windows Vista. What can I do to fix this?