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    Is there a way to create guides within ruler guides or aligned to ruler guides?

    CocoFormula Level 1

      So I was wondering for my own sake if there was a way to create guides within ruler guides or have it align to ruler guides? I am working on this magazine where the layout has a ruler guides. Which is inside the margins. I'm guessing this is to ensure the content is safe and also leaving adequate room for folios and running heads. This leaves me with the inside of the ruler guide to create my own grid. I tried doing this by hand and it seems to work fine however I was wondering is there a way to align the guides/grid (columns and rows) to the ruler guides instead of the margin or page? This would be extremely helpful as doing it by hand is quite the task. I'm trying to personally see how many rows and columns I can get in for a verstatile grid that can be used for different sorts of layout. (although I guess the grid could too many rows and columns) Any help would be greatly appreciated.