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    Waited sooo long for 7.0.7    --now this incompatibility issue...


      Hey all, BIG problems for us today!   We just upgraded to Presenter 7.0.7 and I was asked by a field rep to take some lessons (that were created using 7.0.6) and publish some PDFs that could be distributed on CDs.  --not a problem, right!?

      My findings are that, presentations that were created with 7.0.6 and which the author used Presenter’s audio recording tool, are NOT compatible for re-publishing with version 7.0.7.  The symptoms are that any slides which the audio was edited do not "play", automatically or manually, when the presentation is published.  Instead, a “Buffering” message is displayed.  Everything looks fine in the editor or when playing the slide with the sync tool.  But the published version is totally unusable.  (and I'm not talking only about PDFs--any publishing.)


      We have done numerous tests across XP and Windows 7, and Office 2007 and 2010.   After uninstalling version 7.0.7 and re-installing 7.0.6 we were able to republish the presentations without trouble. 


      I have an open ticket but I don't have a lot of confidence that this will be treated any different than the previous audio disasters that we've been waiting to get fixed in 7.0.7.   I hope that I'm missing something but I don't think I am.   I am very interested in your own findings and feedback. 

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          hi Eguy


          Thanks for reporting this issue. Do you see this issue with *every* content generated in Presenter 7.0.6 and published from 7.0.7? we believe this occurs only when the duration of an audio clip on any one of the slides is smaller than a second. You could try this by importing any audio assets other than those you have used so far through Presenter 7.0.6 and republish through Presenter 7.0.7. If possible, please share the fileset (ntewary@adobe.com) and also indicate the ticket# you have opened with Adobe support.



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            We experienced the problem on most every slide—and most every slide had total audio durations greater than 1 second.  But most every slide was “edited” to some extent and there likely would be cuts and trims that were under a second.  I believe that this is managed by, and is visible in the media.ppcx below .  Two years ago we spent countless hours (weeks) with Adobe support on this same type of “under 1 second” issue as we upgraded.  You promised me that this, and other audio editing issues would all be fixed in this version.  My ticket # is  182855517