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    Why is it suddenly impossible to open my RoboHelp 8 HTML project?


      The project that I've been working on - for years - this  morning failed to open in RH8, all I get is a RoboHelp window with the correct project title at top, but totally blank - nothing except "Ready" in the bottom messagebar!  No message, no warning, no tabs, no topics, nothing (screenshot below). 

      I last worked on it the evening before.

      Of course, this project is the Online Help for our software, which is due for release very soon, and I am the only Tech Writer in the company .. so rescuing the project is urgent.


      Some facts to start with:

      • Version is RoboHelp HTML, running on Windows XP, using MS Office 2007.
      • The source files for the project are kept in SVN, which has been working fairly well, as it keeps the working files on my C drive. I commit the changes into SVN (the only possible change is that I've been more careful in the past few days to commit the project each morning before opening it)
      • Nothing else has changed recently, except for the usual updates of content in the topics.

      • A colleague who doesn't work on this project checked out my project files from SVN and succeeded in opening the project on his PC -- so the problem is likely not in the project itself.
      • A RoboHelp 8 for Word project, also in SVN, DOES open successfully on my PC.


      These are the steps I've tried so far, without success:

      1. Reverted to previous day's version of the project in SVN
      2. Deleted the (huge, almost 41MB) project .CPD file, and double-clicked on the .XPJ file
      3. Rebooted my computer.
      4. Uninstalled RoboHelp 8.02, 8.01 and 8, and re-installed RoboHelp 8 from the CD, downloading the 2 patches 8.01 and 8.02.
      5. I did NOT install files that Adobe suggested, whutils.js, since I wasn't sure if they are truly for RH8, and we don't use JavaScript in the project.


      If anyone can suggest what might be happening, I'd be so very grateful.RH8 fails to open project.jpg