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    Now is this forum dead?

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      After the disappointment of Adobe's changes in supporting Flex, I had hope that Flex on the browser and AIR apps on mobile would survive and perhaps thrive.


      But traffic on this forum seems to be drying up.


      Can you all PLEASE offer your honest thoughts on whether or not you are giving up on Flex?


      I'm trying very hard to stay positive but if this forum is any indication, WTF.

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          pauland Level 4

          Are you mad? Almost 60 posts to the flex forum yesterday.

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            UbuntuPenguin Level 4

            I'm not giving up on Flex just yet.  It is still used greatly at my day job.  But my spare time is now spent learning RoR and Sencha Touch 2.  So I don't run into Flex based problems like I would have in the past and in turn I frequent the forums less.  Just my 2 cents.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Adobe is proposing to create an Apache project for Flex.  I am hopeful that Flex will be in the Apache Incubator before the end of the year (2011).  At that point, my main focus will be on the Apache hosted mailing lists and code repositories for the Flex Podling.  I hope you will all join that mailing list and find a way you can best contribute to the Flex Podling.  There will be announcements via the usual forums when we’re up and running.


              To answer the subject question directly: this forum may get closed down once the Flex Podling mailing lists are created.

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                pbeltranl Level 1

                [Sorry, I posted this by error. It was targeted for another thread]


                How much can you ask Flex for?


                It runs on top web browsers, desktops and mobiles. There is not any technology able to do the same things. Alternatives are much more expensive in terms of development costs. There are tons of documentation, forums and an active and very large community.


                Flex is so perfect... that it's difficult to improve it. That is just the problem. You have to create new versions for selling. And it's pretty difficult when you think about Flex. Adobe knows that they have reached the top of the Flex sales: Why customers would buy next Flash Builder versions whether current offer is enough?


                Just the opposite happens in HTML5. There are a lot of sales there. And Adobe, as any company, follows the business.


                Anyway, the right question (which nobody ask about it) is not Adobe or Apache... it's about the sources of Flash and AIR which are still closed and propietary. This is what can kill Flex. Because without the runtime, Flex becomes useless (unless it compiles into javascript+html5, of course).



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                  nikos101 Level 2

                  excelent post pb, do we know what flash is writen in? c++?    

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                    archemedia Level 4

                    I'm not giving up. Flex is and stays a great platform. All depends on the continuity. I think it's important that there are frequent updates about Adobe's plans and steps. I don't care who is managing flex development, as long as it's handled in a professional manner.

                    And I agree with pauland, there is still a lot of traffic here...



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                      aktell2007 Level 1

                      I have not been here for quiet a few month because it uses at times to much time I can spend better doing some work, but just returning a couple of days ago for a view I have noticed that it is very much so gone very quiet remembering the times say 6-8 month agao.

                      Now in all fairness I have to say it is in general all over the net that things have quieten down a lot at least to my experience. I find the net has become to overloaded just to much same old same old as everybody is trying to go it on there own mostly going nowhere.


                      I find all this talk is not getting developers anywhere as the big boys do what they want anyway. For myself I do keep going with what is available and I try to make the best out of it until - who really knows ?

                      regards aktell2007

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                        Yue_Hong Level 1

                        Flex harUI wrote:


                        To answer the subject question directly: this forum may get closed down once the Flex Podling mailing lists are created.


                        As this forums contains many good discussions that may help others who face the same kind of problem, I hope that when this forum is closed down, it is not removed but only can't reply or post new discussion and we are still able to view, browse and search the content.

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                          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                          Yes, we will try to preserve the content in some way.