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    Camera Stopped Working on Half of the Footage?


      I'm really hoping somebody can help me here- I'm in a bit of a bind.


      I've been working on this AE document- it's about 40 seconds long so far. I went to the beginning to check the flow, and I realized the camera isn't affecting the first 20 seconds or so of footage. This footage is all text or Photoshop files, and they are all 3D enabled. The keyframes in my camera layer still exist, but they don't seem to be affecting anything until 20 seconds, when it starts to work again. Considering that the project is due tomorrow, I'm in a bit of a panic. Has anyone ever encountered this type of problem before?


      Also, somewhere along the line, a second camera was added to the document- I don't know how it happened, but since it had no keyframes, I deleted it. Any chance this has something to do with it?