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    Help with After Effects? Null Layer and Text not working?


      In after effects cs5.5 on mac, im motion tracking as normal, and the track works fine, then when i add the null layer and edit the tracking target to the null layer, the screen goes black, and all i can see is the null layer as a red box moving along the motion track path (i cant see the path) also, whenever i try to add text, (which im trying to motion track via attatching to the null layer) the text is invisible, when the screens black, all i can see is the wire frame of the text next to the square null layer, im pretty new to after effects, but im following tutorials as i should, and its just not working as it shows in all the videos ive tried, please help!

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          Check whether you have wireframe mode enabled/ Live Update disabled. Sounds like one of those cases. Other than that this could be OpenGL issues, so turn it off in the prefs. Also check your comp size vs. the size of the footage you are tracking. Tracking works relative to the layer, so if the comp is too small, the values would be so large they end up being outside the comp.