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    Adobe Reader with smartcard TokenD on Mac OSX 10.5 does not sign




      is anyone using Adobe Reader (9 or 10) on Mac OSX 10.5.x with a Tokend smartcard?

      I've a TokenD that works fine with all other apps, with Safari, Mail and other software. Just Adobe Reader is having problems.


      the problem is:


      when I try to sign a PDF with Adobe Reader with a certificate exposed by the TokenD, in the signature dialog pushing on the "Sign" button just nothing happens (you can only dismiss the dialog pushing "cancel" button).

      If the certificate comes from a soft-keychain (i.e. the login keychain) the signature just works fine.


      On MAC OSX 10.6 and 10.7 instead, with same Adobe Reader and same Tokend, the signature works fine!


      Please help me!



        Giuseppe Amato