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    Help with premiere!!!


      I have a 3 day training recording that i am trying to export from premiere cs5. I have split the 3 days into 6 different DVDs and all but this last one, have exported fine. They were recorded in Go2Meeting's proprietary software with their proprietary codec (g2m4). I converted all of them to a normal wmv, edited them and exported them. Each video is about 2.5 - 3.5 hrs long. This last one WILL NOT EXPORT. It keeps giving me these rediculous export times of 9+ hours. Does anyone have any advice for me?  I am running a quad core 2 pc/ windows 7/ 6GB Ram/ CS5. Urgently need help before I go crazy. I have been working on this ONE video for a week or more. All 5 others only took 4 days.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Well, WMV is not an easy set of CODEC's to work with. Processing them takes a lot of horsepower, and a lot of time.


          Considering the Durations of the Sequences, how does that last one compare with the others? The projected time might not be THAT ridiculous.*


          I am not familiar with the GoToMeeting CODEC's, but for the future, would consider using another intermediate CODEC in the conversion, rather than one of the WMV CODEC's - they are just resource heavy to work with.


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          * Quick WMV story to follow

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I second Bill's suggestion to convert to something besides WMV.  On the PC side of things, Lagarith and UT are excellent lossless codecs that work well with PP.  And they're free.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              WMV Story


              Client handed off four WMV's, and said there was no way to get the original material, prior to Export to WMV. I begged, but the answer was "NO."


              The Project was just to Trim the WMV's, add animated Titles, and output to DVD. Rather in anger (knowing better), I just grabbed the WMV's, Trimmed them, did the Title animations, and started Export. Duration was just short of 2 hours. The workstation began Exporting to DV-AVI for Import into Encore, but was taking forever. Do not recall the projected time, but it was long.


              Got call that the Project's DVD was needed almost immediately, and workstation was only about 10 - 15% done. Fired up laptop (similar specs., but with much weaker I/O - only 3x internal HDD's, instead of what workstation had. Took those WMV's, and converted them to DV-AVI (DigitalMedia Converter 2.7), Imported them into a PrPro NTSC DV Project/Sequence, Trimmed them, redid the Title animations, and Exported to NTSC DV-AVI, very quickly. Imported into Encore, and created the navigation and Menus (had not gotten to that point on the workstation), Checked Project and Previewed. Burnt to DVD, and handed off to courier, while the workstation was at about 60%. That is how slow working with WMV's can be.


              Though I was supposed to know better, that reinforced the lesson - do not use WMV's.


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                CEATI International

                Good solution I found in next page: http://glenndcitrix.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/edit-and-re-encode-your-recording-with-this-s ingle-free-application/

                But I prepare my  GoToMeeting movie via Windows Media Encoder 4 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27870

                Just download and install and use the same steps from article:

                • From the File menu, select Import and navigate to your recording.
                • Locate the Encode tab on the right-side of your screen and expand the Video pane ( and Audio if need)
                • Configure the settings: set Video Size Mode to Source ( as Frame Rate).
                • Select the Output tab and choose or just remember a location for the saved file.
                • Choose Encode from the File menu.

                New clip will a little bigger and it work perfect with any video editors.