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    A bug of Reader X? I cannot write logs in Reader X protect mode.

    Stanley Zhao

      I am a developer to make Reader plug-in. And I have an issue about using Reader X.


      In my codes of Reader X plug-in, I want to use log4net (My plug-in is coded in C# code) to write logs. I set whitelist file already. But here, I found a very strange thing.


      The log file can be created successfully. And it can be written only once. If I write logs to the log file secondly (I set the appender in log4net as "Append"). It will throw an error says "xxx.log is denied."




      If the log file is denied. It should be always denied. Right? Why I can write it once? After the first time, if new logs are tried to append on this file. It will say: DENIED.

      It doesn't make sense.


      I think it's a bug in Reader X.


      Any one who can help me look at this?

      Thanks very much.

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          Stanley Zhao Level 1

          More, without using log4net. I still have this issue.


          I tried very simple codes to write logs (Not log4net):

          using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("c:\\ReaderX.log", true)) // true means append the file





          I still can get an Exception says:

          System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\ReaderX.log' is denied.


          My white list file:

          FILES_ALLOW_ANY = C:\*

          FILES_ALLOW_DIR_ANY = C:\*


          BTW, if I disable protect mode. All my codes works fine.


          So, does it mean we cannot UPDATE local file even it's in the whitelist file? We only can ADD a new file. Right? Oh.... no, is that a bug?