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    Dotted lines rendering poorly in PDF.

    Neil G Randall



      I'm using ID3 and this is something that's always bothered me. I'd like to cure it now, if possible!


      Basically, dotted lines at 1 or 2 pt look great in ID. Doesn't matter what the magnification, they're as I want them.


      However, once I render out to a HQ PDF, they always render very scrappily, seeming blotchy or pixellated. They print fine, but for showing clients web or print work, they look poor, no matter what size I view them at. I'd hazard ID is using some form of smoothing/anti-aliasing similar to browser text-smoothing functions.


      I'm guessing there's a difference in rendering between ID and the assocoated PDF. I've trawled the options but there's ostensibly no control for affecting rendering.


      Anyone got any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,




      PS - I can provide screens, if necessary.