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    Problem with saving forms


      In my department we are developing forms to use on ipad's. Thse form are developed in Adobe Designer 7.0.9.

      After saving the form and opening in Adobe Acrobat, the form can be filled and saved under a different name. The form can be opened  later for futher changes and saved again. So far so good!

      When I open the form in acrobat reader, the form can be filled but not saved (only printing). I presume that's the idea behind acrobat reader.

      However, we use the forms to use on our ipad's. The app "PDF expert" is used to fill the form and to place signature's. The form can be renamed on the ipad or moved to another folder.

      Afterwards the form can be synchronised with dropbox or send by email. When opening the form from the mail or dropbox in Adobe Acrobat it can still be changed, but the form can not de saved with the same name nor  with "saved as". The only way to save the information is to print the file to adobe PDF, but this makes the form non fillable.


      Who can help me?