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    Will this trick work with RH under RoboSource?


      The primary layout for the manual that I'm setting up is ONLINE WebHelp, but we also supply a PDF.

      As I wanted to include the PDF manual in the WebHelp for specific printing purposes, I had to trick RoboHelp:

      The project includes references to external files (PDF, MS Excel etc.) that are embedded as bagage files.
      When you create a DOC/PDF file, the references are created relative to the position where the DOC/PDF is being saved.
      In my specific situation It meant that the references in the DOC/PDF were pointing 2 folder backwards.

      So, I created 2 extra folders in my project and manually copied the PDF from the Printed Documentation folder to this location, 2 folders forwards.
      When you now open the PDF from within WebHelp, the DOC/PDF links are working because they are pointing 2 folders backwards where the external files are saved.

      As we also want to supply an OFFLINE version of the WebHelp + included PDF, I created an installer with Inno Setup that basically includes a zipped copy of the WebHelp + PDF.
      The installer then saves the webhelp to the My Document folder on a PC, adds shortcuts etc.

      Everything is working fine. I have created a .bat file and everything that needs to be done is done through this batch file, from creating RoboHelp layouts, zipping, compiling the installer, copying files.

      To make a long story short, we are now using RoboHelp as a standalone application, but we intend to set up RoboSource control, and I was wondering if the workflow described earlier will work when the files are handed over to RoboSource and SQL db?
      I assume that when I start publishing (in RoboHelp OR through command line), the files will be checked out from the SQL db and synchronized with local files. Can I copy and overwrite files that are under control of RoboSource, and will such files be checked in after that?

      Any ideas or other suggestions?

      BTW, If anyone is interested, I'll happily share the Inno Setup solution. Inno Setup is a free, professional grade, installer.
      Just a few basic Inno entries, a few lines of Inno script (Pascal), an unzip.dll included in installer, that's it. I used the free WinZip command line add-on to create the ZIP file from WebHelp content.

      Best regards,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Hermie3

          I must be missing the point somewhere. Why do you even care about links from the PDF? I would think its only purpose for existing would be to allow prettyprinting of your otherwise, served from WebHelp content. Why do you want users to follow links in a PDF they opened from the WebHelp?

          Just wondering... Rick
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            Hermie3 Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            > Why do you want users to follow links in a PDF they opened from the WebHelp?

            Maximum flexibility.
            We're pretty sure that most of our users will prefer the web-based content, but for those who prefer working with onscreen PDF content, of for those who happen to be in the PDF and wish to proceed from there, we want it to be fully functional.

            Things would be pretty simple if RH would let you save the PDF/DOC created through Printed Documentation to the project itself.

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              Hermie3 Level 1
              Yes the trick also works under RoboSource.

              I made sure NOT to include the PDF output in the project that I put under version control.

              I updated my batch file and I copy the PDF to the project before I compile the WebHelp and remove it again afterwards. That way you won't get any messages from RoboSource.