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    Possible GPU Issues With Camera Raw 6.6

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      Over the past day on my Windows 7 x64 workstation I've done some updates.  Specifically:


      • The Adobe updater brought in Camera Raw 6.6, replacing 6.5.
      • I updated the to the ATI Catalyst 11.12 display driver version from previous version 11.11.
      • I allowed Windows Update to apply the dozen or so changes that were pending.



      I was just doing some OpenGL testing with Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 x64 and I noticed that under some conditions I saw Photoshop drop out of OpenGL acceleration.  Specifically, when I opened a Canon 5D Mark II image through Camera Raw I saw subsequent operations stop using OpenGL acceleration even though the checkmark remained in the [  ] Enable OpenGL Drawing box in Edit - Preferences - Performance.


      What I did to determine whether OpenGL acceleration was enabled was this:  Select the Zoom Tool, then click and hold the left mouse button on the image.  When OpenGL is enabled, I see a smooth increase in zoom.  When it goes disabled, I see only a jump in zoom level after letting up the mouse button.  Also, the [  ] Scrubby Zoom box gets grayed out.  As I mentioned, even in this condition, a check of Edit - Preferences - Performance still shows OpenGL enabled.


      Just as a control, I saved the converted file as a PSD, and every time I opened THAT file (with a fresh copy of PS CS5 running) and did the same operations I could not reproduce the failure.  The difference being I did not run Camera Raw.


      Since I wasn't specifically looking for issues with Camera Raw, I am not sure that the problem occurred every time I did run Camera Raw.  I do know that when I open images from my own camera (40D; I do not own a 5D Mark II) that the problem doesn't seem to occur.  Notably I always open my image from Camera Raw to the largest possible pixel size - 6144 x 4096, as I did with the 5D Mark II image, so it's not an obvious size difference that's leading to the issue.  Given other comments of late, I'm wondering if it could be a specific issue with conversions of files from 5D Mark II.


      Nor am I sure whether any of the above updates caused it - it might done this before; I don't regularly convert 5D Mark II images.  I DO think I would have noticed Photoshop reverting to GDI operation before, since I just noticed it pretty easily, but I'm not completely sure of that either.  I do use OpenGL-specific features (such as right-click brush sizing) pretty often.


      I'm trying now to find a set of steps with which to reliably reproduce the problem now, and will advise.