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    Issues embedding Acrobat Documents in Word

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      To Start, this is the set up


      WIndows 7 Pro 64 Bit (SP1)

      MS Office 2010 64 bit

      Acrobat Reader X (10.1.1)



      We are experienceing problems embedding PDF documents inside a Word Document. Aftter reader some of the posts online, I have disabled "Protected Mode at startup", but this seems to have made no differnce.


      We are seeing three distict problem, depending on how the user tries to embed the doument into Word.


      • If the user drag a drops a PDF into a word page, Word "may" hang, otherwise the user may see a the following prompt



      • If the User is in Word and Selects Insert Object --> from File, they will see the followingt prompt



      • If the User is in Word and Selects Insert Object --> Abode Acrobat Document, the doument is displayed but the image is absolutley awfu, and certinaly not usable as a document



      So far, I havn't seen any answers that seem to resolve the issue completely.


      Any Ideas?


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