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    Sound only on one channel



      my problem is that my project has only sound on one channel when I burn it on a DVD or a Blu-Ray Disc.

      When I use headphones in the project itself the sound is on both channels.

      What could be the problem here?

      Thanks for your answers.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Was your audio recorded with a microphone? Microphones typically record to only one audio channel.


          When you look at the audio waveform on your timeline, does is show on only one channel? (You can post a screen capture  and we can look at it.)


          When you play your DVD on your computer's DVD player software, do you hear stereo through your headphones?


          It's really impossible for an audio channel to get lost between a project and a DVD. So we've got to determine if your DVD player is the problem (many have issues with home-burned discs) or if the source video is the cause.

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            niewiedermoviemaker Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            the audio was not recorded with a microphone.


            I'm at work right now.So, I can not make a screen shot,

            but I'm preety sure the waveform shows both channels. Also the sound level indicator shows amplitude on both channels.

            When I play the DVD on my computer it is no more stereo, just one channel.


            What I forgot to tell:

            When I rightclicked the audio track, the balance controller was fully one one side. Very strange indeed.

            How that I happened I do not know.

            So I adjusted in each clip of my project the balance controller back into the center and hoped the problem would be gone.

            But still: on the DVD the sound is only on one channel.

            Howeve the background mucic on my disc menu is on both channels.


            Somehow the impossible happened:

            One audio channel gets really lost between my project and a DVD.


            I still hope you have an idea what could have caused that.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Even after you set the Pan level so that it was centerred, the new DVD you burned had only one channel of audio?


              Your challenge is to take it one step at a time and see where this problem is occuring.


              Try opening a Premiere Elements project, importing the VOB files from your DVD and placing them on the timeline. Make sure that the Audio Mixer is open (under the Window menu) and watch. Does it show both channels playing? (This is just a test project. Don't keep it.)


              How about when you play your original project? Does the Audio Mixer show audio on both channels?


              It the project shows two channels of audio and the DVD shows one, let me know and I'll tell you one more test you can do.


              And don't forget to tell us:

              If all of the audio is on only one channel or if only the music, narration or video is.

              What model of camcorder your original video came from. (If your original camcorder shoots in AVCHD with 5.1 audio but your project set was set up for stereo, that could be the problem, for instance.)

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                nealeh Level 5

                It is not helpful to start multiple discussions for the same topic. I've made a reply in your other post. Hilfe! Ton nur auf einem Kanal




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