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    CMYK-gradient with spotcolors

    Roel Hanssen Level 1

      In InDesign you can convert spotcolors to process in different ways. When you convert all spots to process (without 'Use Standard Lab Values For Spots') it results in the same CMYK values as when you edit a swatch (change the colormode to CMYK and colortype to process). InDesign uses its own internal library to determine the CMYK values.


      But unfortunately, you don't get the same results when you have a gradient between these spotcolors. The CMYK values in the gradient are different.


      Why isn't it exactly the same?


      InDesign calculates the gradient in a different way. The 100% values are exactly the same, though.

      Schermafbeelding 2011-12-14 om 14.05.38.png


      Download the PDF-file here.


      Thanks in advice.