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    Problem with mx:HTML control



      I have a problem with the HTML control in air.  My goal is to display a pdf file and I found that the HTML control is the way to do it.  If not, please point me to the right direction.


      In any case, here is the problem I have with the HTML control:


      When I create a form, it display in the application even if the panel is hiden and sometime it does not init properly.


      Here is the form section:


      Here in Flash Builder the pdf is not display but the control behave ok:


      If I deploy this air application, on start, I got this half init HTML control over the main form:


      If I go to the help section (where it should be):

      Help Section.png


      From time to time, the pdf load ok but still the control shows where it should not (here in the main form):



      The wanted behavior is to go to the help section and push a button to shift from some other stuff to the large panel with the pdf in it.  The mechanic for this works fine.


      Any help, idea?




      Any help please?  Can this be reproduce?  Ideas so I can look at some fresh direction?