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    database CRUD updates do not work in parent application




      my application does CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on various tables of a database.

      I have an application "top" which calls via SWFLoader the subapplications via a list of navigation buttons.


      Now, the subapplications work perfectly but not so the "top" application.

      What does not work is the CRUD only, the rest is OK, also typically, the delete operation is work great, the real problem is adding new records


      I paste here below some of the code:


      Please hlep me on this as I turn in circles:


      many thanks




      code snippet: What happoens when I click a button. It first makes all the other subapplications invisible.

      Then I check if the application has already been loaded. I load it if not and if yes, I put the application to visible = true.

      Then I simply do some button enabling and disabling. The below code is repeated as many times as I have buttons.


      protected function ipRoadmapBtn_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


                                              loaderHome.visible = false;

                                              loaderProjectEntry.visible = false;

                                              loaderProjectForm.visible = false;

                                              loaderIPEntry.visible = false;

                                              loaderIPRoadmap.visible = true;


                                              if(ipRoadmapLoadedStatus == "no"){




                                              homeBtn.enabled = true;

                                              projectEntryBtn.enabled = true;

                                              ipCatalogBtn.enabled = true;

                                              ipRoadmapBtn.enabled = false;

                                              ipEntryBtn.enabled =true;





      The code here is how I declare the SWFLoader



      <s:BorderContainer width="822" horizontalCenter="0" borderVisible="false"> 


                                              <mx:SWFLoader id="loaderHome" width="800" height="100%" showBusyCursor="true" complete="homeIsLoaded(event)"/>

                                              <mx:SWFLoader id="loaderProjectEntry" width="800" height="100%" showBusyCursor="true" complete="loaderProjectEntry_completeHandler(event)"/>

                                              <mx:SWFLoader id="loaderProjectForm" width="800" height="100%" showBusyCursor="true" complete="loaderProjectForm_completeHandler(event)"/>

                                              <mx:SWFLoader id="loaderIPRoadmap" width="820" height="100%" showBusyCursor="true" complete="ipRoadmapIsLoaded(event)"/>

                                              <mx:SWFLoader id="loaderIPEntry" width="820" height="100%" scaleContent="false" horizontalCenter="-1" verticalCenter="0" showBusyCursor="true" complete="ipEntryIsLoaded(event)"/>