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    ID allowing multiple users to access file at same time

    printlives Level 1

      I often share files on my Mac with another Mac in my studio.  In the past if someone tried to open a file that I was using it would give them a warning that the file was opened.  Now for some reason, it is allowing both of us to have the file open and work on it, and seems to give priority to the person who opened the file last.  If they make a change and save it, its OK, if I make a change to it, the program says it must shut down, and then freezes.


      Not sure when this happened, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the upgrade to Lion, because that is when I started to notice the issue. We're both running CS5.0


      Are other people noticing this issue, and is there a setting to stop this. We try to avoid ever working on the same file, but because of the workflow in my studio it could happen accidentally, and could cause big problems.