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    wats the future of flex?

    new flex guy Level 1

      hey frnds,

      so many freshers asking me about wats the future for flex to make a career ?

      Is better to go with flex than html5?

      thx in advanced,


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          pauland Level 4

          Tell them and yourself that knowing current technologies is important and Flex is current. No harm in learning Flex and HTML 5.


          What's the long term future of Flex and HTML? Evolution into something differrent.


          My evolution? Pascal/C/C++/4GL/Java/Javascript/Actionscript/ASP/PHP.


          It's better to be flexible than worry about what will be in favour in three years time.


          A few years back they would all have been buying Nokia phones..

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            UbuntuPenguin Level 4

            My evolution? Pascal...

            That goes back a ways.  I don't even know what Pascal is used for. And are you British, just asking because of the 'u' in favour.

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              pbeltranl Level 1

              How much can you ask Flex for?


              It runs on top web browsers, desktops and mobiles. There is not any technology able to do the same things. Alternatives are much more expensive in terms of development costs. There are tons of documentation, forums and an active and very large community.


              Flex is so perfect... that it's difficult to improve it. That is just the problem. You have to create new versions for selling. And it's pretty difficult when you think about Flex. Adobe knows that they have reached the top of the Flex sales: Why customers would buy next Flash Builder versions whether current offer is enough?


              Just the opposite happens in HTML5. There are a lot of sales there. And Adobe, as any company, follows the business.


              Anyway, the right question (which nobody ask about it) is not Adobe or Apache... it's about the sources of Flash and AIR which are still closed and propietary. This is what can kill Flex. Because without the runtime, Flex becomes useless (unless it compiles into javascript+html5, of course).



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                new flex guy Level 1

                thx frnds for your reply,

                I'm in india (Pune) and working on flex from last 3 yrs.

                Now so many flex developers asking me abt future , also freshers thinking

                abt it.

                But i'll show this all replies to all,

                thanks again,