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    Acrobat X Prints Strange Characters


      In the last week or so I have had two separate instances of folks having trouble printing large documents from Adobe Reader X.  Both were printing to HP Printers, one an officejet connected via USB and another a networked LaserJet.  The first few pages of the document would print fine but then the rest of the document prints strange characters.  A second attempt to print the document generally succeeds, leading us to believe that it may just take some time for the program to "fill out" the file or something.  Has anyone else experienced problems like this with Acrobat recently?

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          I am having the same problem. I am printing to a Brother networked laser printer. It seems that it happens on more than just large documents, but it is most annoying on large documents. I have to print some large files for school and I have almost 100 pages of garbage now. Other than printing and checking one page at a time what can be done about this?

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            Yes I have a computer in our office that is pluged into a HP Laserjet 2015 and it is doing the same thing when printing from pdf's.  After some testing I have gotten it to repete the messed up/strange characters.  It seems that it will mess up everytime you print and then close out of the file, even tho it has spooled the print, and the printer is not finished printing.  But if you leave the file open for the duration of the print, even tho it is spooled, it will print fine without messing up.  Still looking into why this is doing this, it does not matter what PCL printer driver that I have tried for it... I have not tried using a PS driver yet.