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    RTMFP on 4G networks

    sdsdfsdwefdcgdgcvedb Level 1

      Hi Everybody,


      So the RTMFP is working when the phone is using WIFI access to the Internet.

      When I disable WIFI and have only 4G connection everything promptly stops working and switch on event.info.code never gets called on anything...

      Since 4G netwroks are "IP based": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G this is surprising. Or maybe not, anyway i've checked NetworkInfo.networkInfo

      and indeed there is no IP address on the WFIF interface and no other itherfaces are up.


      This promts few questions for Adobe folks:

      1. Does RTFMP really work in 4G only mode?

      2. If it doesn't are there plans to add such support in the future?




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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          RTMFP works on IP networks. your phone must have an IP address for RTMFP (or any other Internet networking) to work. there's nothing inherently different about "4G" networks vs any other kind of data connectivity.


          i assume you have an Internet connection in "4G" mode, and that things like your web browser work.


          what happens when you go to http://cc.rtmfp.net/ ?


          perhaps your phone's data service is restricted in some way, or it only allows HTTP, possibly only in "mobile web" mode? if your network service blocks UDP, RTMFP can't work.

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            sdsdfsdwefdcgdgcvedb Level 1

            Thanks for getting back on this Michael,

            The problem with RTMFP started after I've rooted the phone and this is what caused the issue. My other phone works just fine on WIFI or 4G with RTMFP and after I unrooted the first phone RTMFP started working too!

            My bad, Sorry