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    Possible to get quality export on long format?

    Seehorse Video Level 1

      I've finally finished a rather lengthy project weighing in at 2 hours, 10 minutes in total length.  That's way too long to fit on a DVD at my normal quality levels; anyone have any suggestions for how to get maximum quality out of it and still fit on one SL DVD?


      I'm looking at being forced to a bitrate of ~3.5 Mbps in order to fit on a DVD and that's just not enough to keep the quality up to suit me.  Is there any way to improve on that and still deliver the client's program on a single standard DVD?  Normally I'd split it onto two DVD's but the client's insistant on only one and since he's paying for it, and paying for 200 copies...


      Unfortunately shortening the project by any appreciable amount isn't practical... it's a highlights reel including over 500 winners & reserves and I can't cut them much shorter than they already are and leaving any out isn't an option.  I don't see shaving more than another 10 minutes or so and that would get into lots more editing time that the client doesn't want to pay for.