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    AME pauses when I play video in time line or preview pane in Premiere Pro?

    Dmart Films Level 1

      So, recently I noticed that if I send a sequence out to AME from PPr that when I push play on either the time line or the preview pane, that AME pauses. Once I stop watching whatever I am working on AME starts encoding again on its own. Its quite unusual and I am stumped at why it does it. I thought it was a memory issue, but if I check I still have more than half of my 16GB of RAM available when it does this. IF I restart PPr it will work for a while and then start doing it again.


      Anyone else experince this?


      CS5.5 Master Collection

      Windows 7/Ultimate 64

      i7 2600K 16GB RAM

      Ge Force GTX460