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    Is Dreamweaver the best choice for...


      making small edits to css, ajax, and php in a dynamic website?  The site (soffe.com) is a dynamic site built on a Websphere platform, and I have Dreamweaver via the Creative Suite but have not used it yet.  Is there anyone who can take a look at what aspects of managing the site assets I can best leverage Dreamweaver for during redesign efforts?  I know there are other great Adobe products out there, but right now we're using an patchwork of different products and I'd like to streamline our operations utilizing great Adobe software we already have.  Thoughts and recommendations are welcome!

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          DW is extremely good at editing all of those things.  However, if your site is cast into a CMS enviroment, your access to such things may be a little complicated by that environment.

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            SoffeGirl Level 1

            We don't have a CMS really, although there are different applications for building functionality from the Websphere environ on the backend.  It's a very powerful platform, but we do end up doing having to do our tasks "dual".  For example, just changing out a link means we have to do it in the php but also on the backend in Websphere, which doubles the work to do a simple task like changing a link.  However, I'm going through the Dreamweaver help files and it appears that it would definitely be helpful in managing the assets, especially.  Our biggest issue is going to be seeing if a file is already open and being edited by another person at the same time.  This has been an issue.


            Thanks for your feedback, Murray!

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              DW has rudimentary version control built in - called Check In / Check Out.  That might also come in handy.