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    Dan 101 Level 1

      I've just purchased a Panasonic AG-HPX170P (P2HD) camera and am researching the best HD settings to use shooting and editing in DVCPRO-HD.  While I want HD quality for future distribution, I'll continue to distribute my products on DVD for now. I produce educational videos and sell to schools and parents. 


      The HD format allows me to shoot improved quality over the DV format as I move to the 16:9 aspect ratio.  Also, I can immediately take advantage of the HD footage for sharper green screen shots. I'm about halfway through Barry Green's "The HVX and HPX Book" and find it helpful.  It has guidance for shooting in the HD format used by the broadcast network you plan to distibute on (720p for Fox and 1080i for NBC, for example) but, scanning ahead in the book, I haven't found any guidance for shooting HD when you're going to convert to SD-DVD formats for distribution.  I'm using the CS5 master suite and have been recording SD footage to a laptop using On Location.  I plan to record HD footage to the laptop also, when possible. 


      Any suggestions on HD modes and frame rates (24 vs 30 vs 60)  -- or any suggestions on reference books or sites that cover this territory -- would be appreciated.  Again, I'm looking for the best combination of settings that will be compatible with converting my Premiere Pro timeline for DVD distribution now -- and will give me HD distribution options in the future.




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          Bryan Chilcher Level 1

          For starters, I would not use 24p for anything unless your intent is to export to film. It makes quick pans look like a slideshow.


          I would also recommend staying away from anything interlaced, since SD and HD use different field-dominance and converting to DVD can result in a combing effect (mice-teeth, jaggies, etc.)



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I disagree with Bryan's advice on a couple of counts.


            First, whether or not to use 24p will depend on whether or not your want your products to have a more professional 'film' look to them, of if the more amateur 'video' look is acceptable.  If the former, 24p is the way to go.  You will have to abide by all the same shooting rules that guide real film production - tripod whenever possible, slow pans, little or no zooming, etc.


            Second, if the video look is acceptable, you have two choices - 1080i/30 or 720p/60.  It may actually be better to go with 1080i, as that will not need any sort of frame rate conversion to go onto DVD.  1080i/30 will simply need to be scaled, whereas 720p/60 will need scaling as well as a frame rate conversion.  With 1080i/30, both the raw footage and the DVD can have the same field-dominance, so you don't really need to worry about combing and such.

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              Bryan Chilcher Level 1

              My only experience with working with HD to DVD was when I had I had a Sony Z1U that shot 1080i. Seems like everything I tried when exporting to a 480i DVD (assuming NTSC) had a combing effect and exporting 480p looked soft. My new camera shoots progressive, so it's a non-issue now - I just export to a progressive DVD format.


              Since all interlaced HD formats are upper-field dominant and NTSC 480i-DVD is lower-field dominant, I have never been able to get it to look right, despite much research - both here and at Creative Cow. Apparently, Jim's experience with 1080i to DVD has been different. He certainly has more experience with Premiere than I do...


              He is certainly right about 24p and the film look. Since most people do not follow the film rules, I find a lot of 24p to look like garbage.


              http://download.autodesk.com/us/systemdocs/help/2011/flame_flare/index.html?url=./files/WS cba3ee2b36d8cb6f-2bd9d5ba1162be4cf13-7ffd.htm,topicNumber=d0e90410

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                You have probably already seen Jeff Bellune's TUTORIAL on HD2SD. If not, take a good look at it.


                Good luck,



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                  Dan 101 Level 1

                  All this is helpful.  Based on this input and what I've read in the "HVX and HPX Book," I'm leaning toward 1080i 30.  I'll to shoot some tests at different modes and frame rates to see how this plays out on my equipment, software and setup.  Thanks for the input!


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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    NTSC 480i-DVD is lower-field dominant


                    That's incorrect.  DVD can be upper, lower or progressive.  Only DV (as in MiniDV tape) is restricted to LFF.