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    Acrobat X Pro install problem Mac OS Lion

    PaulRBush Level 1

      When I installed my creative suite 5.5 it installed everything except Acrobat. Everytime I try to install Acrobat it gets to 100% installed but then ejects the disk and says it wasn't installed! However, Acrobat and Distiller are there and functional on my hard drive. The folder doesn't have a pretty icon but everything else seems fine. So after a couple of hours of uninstalling and reinstalling I eventually left it at that until the recent update came out. Now the update says I don't have Acrobat installed and won't update it. I even tried enabling the root user as suggested per Adobe, still no dice.


      Here is the installer failing:

      Adobe Application ManagerScreenSnapz001.jpg

      Here is the updater failing:

      Adobe Acrobat UpdaterScreenSnapz001.jpg


      I also tried to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat again per the above dialog box but then I run into the issue of not being able to install.


      I thought I might try installing the demo of Acrobat, but when I try to download it, I get some Akamai Network installer junk that I don't want!


      I did some searching but haven't found anyone experiencing the same issue.


      Here is my computer setup:

      Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2

      27" iMac 3.4GHz core i7

      4GB Ram

      1TB HD

      Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium Edition


      This is from the install log:

      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 0 fatal error(s), 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)



      ----------- Payload: {AC76BA86-1033-F400-7760-000000000005} Acrobat Professional -----------

      ERROR: DW006: Apple Package failed to install successfully.



      ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:

      ERROR: DW050:  - Acrobat Professional: Install failed



      Please search the above error/warning string(s) to find when the error occurred.

      These errors resulted in installer Exit Code mentioned below.


      Exit Code: 6 - Silent workflow completed with errors.


      END - Installer Session




      Thanks in advance for any help!



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          Gautham K Level 4



          If my understanding of the issue is correct, you uninstalled Acrobat X in order to fix the issue with updating and haven't been able to reinstall it?


          Looking at the log file details you have provided above, I would suggest creating a new user account with administrative rights. Log in to the new user account and then try to reinstall Acrobat X.


          Please reply to this thread if it does not resolve the issue.



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            PaulRBush Level 1

            You have most of it correct. My initial install of Acrobat X said it failed as well after reaching 100% but it seemed functional so I left it. You are correct in that trying to update it to the latest version fails and tells me to reinstall which does the same thing it did on my initial install attempt, fails after reaching 100%. So essentially I have what seems to be a functional copy of 10.0 but can't update to 10.1.1.


            However, your suggestion is still valid and I will give it a shot tonight. Thanks for the idea, I will post back the results.



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              PaulRBush Level 1

              Well, it was a good idea but unfortunately creating a new admin user and installing with that user didn't work. I even enabled the root user and tried that one as well and both attempts failed after it was 100% installed. Just like all my previous attempts.

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                jlcrouch Level 1

                I, too, am having this identical problem on Mac OSX Lion.  I cannot even install Adobe Reader as it results in the same error. I'm now having to use Preview to view PDF files.

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                  schneidny Level 1

                  I have a similar problem. I recently bought a Mac Mini with 10.7.x and migrated my Acrobat 8 Pro from my old G5Quad. It transferred fine and started up, but then when I want to open a pdf file it opens and hangs and I have to force quit everytime. I installed Reader X, but same problem. The only way to view a PDF is in Preview, but that does not let me sign the form electronically. Is there an issue I am not aware of. I really need the fillable pdf functionality and be able to sign electronically.

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                    jlcrouch Level 1

                    Okay folks. I finally got this resolved with a few hours on the phone with Adobe and my original discs in hand.


                    In the end, here is what worked:


                    • Do a complete uninstall of the Master Suite 5.5 including Preferences.
                    • Go to http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html and download the CS Suite Cleaner Tool
                    • Run it until you get that there is nothing left to remove.
                    • Restart your computer.
                    • Re-install the entire suite
                    • NOTE:  Upon finishing the installation, the software told me that Acrobat Pro failed to install HOWEVER, the first time that I went to open a PDF, Acrobat opened, asked me to accept the license agreement and prompted me for my serial number. I entered the serial number and Acrobat is open and behaving as it should.
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                      PaulRBush Level 1

                      Well unfortunately, if your install is like mine... Acrobat works just fine but when they release an update you won't be able to install the update. I installed the creativesuite on a brand new iMac and upon finishing the installation the insaller said that the install for Acrobat failed but I could open pdf files just fine so I left it as is. It wasn't until the next update came out that I realized I couldn't update because of "your acrobat install has changed" message. Acrobat still works but is now INSECURE since I can't install updates.


                      Since you are installing from your disks, try to check for updates and see if an update will install.




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                        jlcrouch Level 1

                        Yeah - that's what started this whole thing. I was prompted to update, update failed, prompted to uninstall, uninstalled...  I'm hoping that enough people have this problem that Adobe will ultimately fix it.

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                          Interference.gt Level 1

                          This is absurd - I'm not going to go through that whole uninstall malarky. The updater says that the contents have been changed but I know I didn't change them...

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                            Abhay Sharma Level 1

                            I just want to add that I am experiencing the exact same issues as described here. OS 10.7.2, Acrobat would not update so I installed it again from disk. It will still not update giving me the error described in this e-mail thread.

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                              mhmmccoy Level 1

                              I am having the very same problem and NOTHING seems to solve it. The only thing I have not tried is deleting the entire CS and reinstalling (and then reinstalling every update, etc.). That is totally NUTS! There is obviously a bug here somewhere that needs fixing.


                              (Lion OS10.7.3 -- have had this problem since I got my Mac Pro with Lion natively installed on it last summer.)

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                                settermom Level 1

                                I am also having the identical issue. I purchased the suite (CS5 Design Standard) simply because I wanted both Acrobat Pro and Photoshop CS5... and now it appears that I don't have Acrobat. -- I did the install on a brand new MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 machine with 8 GB of RAM and over 500 GB of available drive space (don't tell me I don't have enough power!). I am running OS X Lion 10.7.3, which came installed on the machine, and don't believe there are any updates available. 


                                I installed the whole suite and everything works fine EXCEPT Acrobat X Pro. If I attempt to open the program, I get a message that an "internal error has occurred." I have used the uninstaller for Acrobat and uninstalled and reinstalled it three times, to no avail. Now, really, Adobe, if you and Apple worked "together" to create this suite, the programs should open and work. As you can clearly see above, this one does not, at least for many of us.


                                Given that deleting and reinstalling the entire suite takes over an hour and a half, each time you need to do it, that is a ridiculous solution. The bug that's causing this problem needs to be fixed!

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                                  settermom Level 1

                                  A day later...

                                  I uninstalled CS5, then poked into my Library Preferences and Cache files in ALL of my users and deleted everything that said Adobe, including the Reader files.

                                  Then I restarted and ran the CSCleaner file recommended above (download from <http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html>, which includes running a command in Terminal to be sure everything is cleaned out), and restarted again.

                                  Then I reinstalled CS5 and ran the Acrobat updater 10.1.2 WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO OPEN ACROBAT BEFORE DOING THE UPDATE. Restarted again.

                                  Now Acrobat seems to open and appears to work as it should...


                                  Best of luck to everyone with this problem. It's a real pain, and I surely hope it does not recur with every update Adobe issues! It should NEVER EVER have happened in the first place. What an enormously frustrating waste of time!

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                                    jbloo Level 1

                                    Guys, what was the resolution to this? i'm still stuck with this problem. thanks!

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                                      mhmmccoy Level 1

                                      I recently spent many an unhappy and frustrating hour over several days with what seems like the entire population of India trying the same things over and over again with no luck. After I went on vacation and came back last July, I just haven't had the heart to start it all up again. So, no resolution here.


                                      I am hoping that with a new release of CS6, I can get myself a new disk and reinstall the entire program from scratch from that. I have a feeling my original CS5 installation disk  has a problem on it since I have tried all sorts of other predictable and bizarre things MULTIPLE TIMES and nothing has worked.


                                      Is it too much to ask for an American technician who would stick with my case through the whole thing??

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                                        Mark D Watkins Level 1

                                        I'm having exactly the same problem as most posts here. Mac Mini Lion Server. I've gone through all the steps of uninstalling the whole suite, running the cleaner, and reinstalling. Same thing. Acrobat shows an error on reinstall, but seems to be running. Updating fails for 10.1.2 and and 10.1.4. -- half hour on chat with Adobe, no help. It seems obvious to me that there is a problem with Acrobat installer on Lion. Just please fix it.

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                                          RNTrice Level 1

                                          Was there a solution to these issues with Acrobat XI Pro?  Updater says that the contents have been changed and fails to update - I haven't changed a thing.