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    Problem with Override Master Page

    Michaewl de B


      A problem that I can't seem to crack on my Indesign CS5:


      I have a Master Page with many elements, including a block of colour, with a placeholder text box (text in white) over it.

      On a page with this Master Page applied, when I shift/ctrl click (I have a windows pc) onto the text box area, it disappears. Other similar text box arrangements on blocks of colour elsewhere on the page do not disappear whenshift/ctrl clicked on and are then editable.


      I'd welcome any advice.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds to me like you might actually be overriding the colored frame, not the text frame, and that would move it in front of the text and any other objects remaining on the master page.

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            Michaewl de B Level 1

            Thank you, Peter.

            I did try shift/ctr clicking over (on top of text frame area) but it immediately disappeared, and tried this all around, within & side of text. I also checked if I could : arrange/'send to back' for the coloured frame, but it seemed to be at the back anyway.


            I seem to have succeeded, by trial and error, by selecting 'Overide All Master Page items' on the Pages menu. I can then click on the text box without it disappearing.


            Best regards, Michael