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    How do I "Print Booklet" with just odd pages and even pages for duplexing . . options disabled

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      I have InDesign CS5.5 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine hooked to a Xerox 7750 printer.  I have created a 8.5x11 portrait document and trying to create a booklet on 12x18 sheets.


      I need to print duplex manually and so I need to print just the odd spreads and then the even spreads.


      I have printed to Adobe PDF and printed from my created PDF file and have it working, but I want to know why InDesign won't let me do it.  When I click "File > Print Booklet > Print Settings" then it shows the Print Dialog box with the Pages section, which includes the Sequence that normally would allow me to do Odd Pages or Even Pages, but it is disabled.  Why?  I can define Print Presets and I can choose Odd Pages, but when I choose that in the Preset box it does not show anything, everything is still disabled.


      Anybody have any idea of why it is disabled?  Is it my printer driver?