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    HibernateAssembler and Spring Framework

      Hi All,

      I have a Spring FrameWork-based application. During initialization, I create a hibernate sessionFactory that has all of my configuration information. I'd like to be able to share the same sessionFactory so I don't need multiple mapping files and sessionFactory duplication. It appears as though there are no methods either on the HibernateAssembler or HibernateManager that would allow me to inject a sessionFactory.

      Any thoughts? Maybe a future FDS enhancement?

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          CathyM Level 1
          The HibernateAssembler and the HibernateManager sample code ships with FDS.
          It's at <install-dir>/resources/samples/assemblers/flex-messaging-dist-src.

          It seems like you should be able to modify the HibernateManager for your needs.
          In particular, the createSessionFactory, getSessionFactory, and getSession.

          Let us know how that works out.