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    How to add live action video to the timeline in Adobe Flash CS5?


      Hi, I want to make an animation over live action footage, I've looked on the guides and the ones which explain what I need to do are for previous versions of Flash and don't work on CS5.

      I'm wondering how I can import a video in to Adobe Flash CS5, so that it plays in the timeline frame by frame? I dont mean putting it on one frame so it will play, but so i can edit objects over the top of the flash in each single frame


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          adninjastrator Level 4

          So are you saying that you cannot embed the video directly into the main timeline (I don't use CS5) as you could with earlier versions?

          Overall I wonder if you are using the wrong tool for the job. Flash is not a video editor and attempts to use it as such often fall short. Adobe After Effects or even a simple video editor may work better:


          If that is not an option... how about

          .... embed video directly into main timeline... or

          ... convert video file to .swf, then import .swf... extending timeline as needed..... or

          ... if vid is short, do frame grab for each frame, save as bitmap, import the series of bitmaps, place them on layer below animation... or


          but to keep the video synced to the animation, you'll need to set the Flash doc frame rate to exactly the same as the original framerate of the video. For example, if shot in mini-dv format, the frame rate of the video is 29.97 so the Flash doc frame rate would need to be 29.97 also.

          Best of luck,