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    Architecture  Question - Starting an app

      We are diving into Flex to rewrite our applications, currently we have an outer container of JSP that consists of a suite of other web applications, each web app was designed as a separate Java/JSP app and is assembled in the HTML to look like one cohesive application (pretty common approach). In Flex, we were wondering if we could break up the individual apps into separate applications/modules and "include" them when a user clicks on that choice in the navigation menu OR do we have to write a Flex app where all of our applications are created and loaded upon initial load. It seems that the latter would be a waste of resources if they only need to use 1 of the many apps.

      We heard about something called modules, is that the answer? Could we make a general Flex skeleton and load individual applications on-demand when a user clicks on them in the menu? Would we be loading the individual modules?

      We are starting out but we were looking to doing some proof-of-concept development to work out the main issues.

      Your suggestions are appreciated!