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    horizontal spry menu bar backround color:sb black but show's white in IE8 and 9 (so far)

    tori6455 Level 1


      i'm attempting to create a website with DW CS5. I've used the horizontal menu bar. Changed the back round color to black, print to yellow, hover to orangey. The menu bar works fine in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Alas, IE causes and issue.  In the 2 versions of IE i've tried, 8 & 9, the backround color is white. Any suggestions on how to fix? the website is www.overlookcottage.com


      Oh yeah, on a the "overlook cottage" page, if one clicks on the Lobsters a popup window should popup with pictures of rooms. Again, the two versions of IE that fails to happen, but works fine in the other browsers.


      thank you for any assistance you all can help with this