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    Motion Blur


      Hi there,


      I'm asking for help arround there because I'm working on a problem i'm not able to solve right now. I've been searching for long but nothing matches my particular issue.

      So here we go: I got a really bad sequences that I want to stabilize. The problem is that the warp stabilizer effect is doing is work quite well but the motion blur coming from the shaking of the camera is still there .My sequence is well stabilized but blured and streched sometimes.


      I though about a solution wich is to simply delete the "bad shaking frames" and taking advantage of the framerate (50i/s) of the video to make it seem smooth enough.

      But this is a very long method and I wanted to know if someone there know a tool or an effect wich could identify those "bad shaking frames" and delete it.


      Hope someone there could help.


      PS:I hope I'm readable, my english is a bit bad and I'm a bit tired (3am in France).