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    Areaca boot time

    Frédéric Segard Level 2

      Is there a way to speed up the Areaca FW boot time? The actual Windows boot time is faster then waiting for the damn Areca.

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          wonderspark Level 1

          Not sure. I'm happy with it as is, because I had an Apple Mac PRO RAID card in my Mac before getting the Areca 1880ix-12, and my boot time was cut in half. From my perspective, it's an improvement!

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            My Areca also seems to add lots of seconds to a cold boot, however it handles the Windows 7 64-bit OS "sleep" perfectly. Bottom line, I don't turn the PC off any more, I just put it to sleep. Try it, you may like it!


            I tried hibernate too, a mode that works really well for my laptop, but it was slower on my system than a cold boot.



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              Baz R Level 3



              The Areca FW, checks all the connected HD's and if you have a few HD's it will take some time, I have an areca 16 port and takes aprox 30 secs or so.



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                Gazzaspi Level 1

                Also, bear in mind that the 'stagger on power control' which you can set from 0.4 seconds to 6 seconds has a direct relationship on how long the card takes to boot. I tried my on 6 seconds and you have time to make yourself a sandwich and a cup of coffee!

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                  mikeklar Level 1

                  Good point, I tried it at 5 seconds when first installed the card and it took almost 30 seconds to boot up with 8 HDs in raid 3. 

                  Setting it at 0.4 seconds the FW takes between 3 and 8 seconds to check all connections.

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