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    How to remove (all) footnotes in Indesign CS5.5?


      I'm still having that trouble where Indesign crashes the moment you try to export it to HTML. See the associated post on this genuinely terrifying, workflow breaking problem here -> http://forums.adobe.com/message/4022421#4022421 . This appears to happen when you copy and paste from MS Word. Unfortunatly, I have invested ~ 4 hours preparing file so I would rather write to my local representitive to investigate Adobe for violiting turst laws and possibly breach of contract or something else nasty.


      Anyways, Adobe support (after  acknowledgingthat Indesign indeed crashes) gave me strange and perhaps worthless advice, they said that I should remove footnotes from my document. Unfortunatly, the document does not have footnotes!


      Is there anyway I can verify that my document doesn't have footnotes, or remove them in some way? Perhaps look at the IDML/XML code and then open that in Indesign? Is there some way to only search footnotes (perhaps with the grep wildcard?)?