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    Adobe Reader Plug-Ins frequent crash


      Good afternoon.


      As a student, i'm frequently download journals from sites like proquest, science direct, etc. Of course, most of these journal are in PDF format.


      But lately, i've got frequent crash on my firefox plug-in. The problem is, the firefox itself didn't get over-memory case. But when i opened a single pdf document ( even if it only had 2-3 pages) it frequently crash.

      I've tried reinstall both plug-in and the firefox and i didn;t get any success with this one (-_-")



      The second problem, it takes FOREVER to loads up pdf with more than 10 pages. And i'm quite sure it's not my internet connection, because when i downloaded it , the document got only 3-4 seconds

      but if i tried to view it live, it takes more than 5 minutes with failed chance until 40% (it's just crash)


      sometimes i just download it directly but it takes my HDD. I actually prefer to live view it, and if decided i need it i'll download it.



      are there any hotfix/ setting that i could alter?




      Sincerely, Dieto Armand

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