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    Premiere CS5.5 will not export with audio

    MatthewsM7 Level 1

      I have a project due and am very desperate.


      I shot with DSLRs and amd having trouble exporting a 12 minute video (for vimeo) H.264 AAC


      I exported the video one time before (not in h.264) and set out to do it again in higher quality -- on the second try however, I moved everything from my portable hard drive to the one on the computer. I then re-linked all my media (don't know if this effected it). The video plays beautifully in the timeline now...


      BUT, now when I export it, no matter what format, it has no sound! There is, however some random spots of audio for my interview shots, but nothing from the Audio channel 4 where I had music playing.


      What is happening?!??

      Thank you!