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    Application crashes on project open


      Hi all


      So I've been working on a project for the last two days (on a mac). I had replaced a clip on the timeline with an After Effects comp, no problem. I shut down AE then hit render in PP CS5.5 and it just hung, after a long time I killed PP. Now when I open up the project it crashes when loading (on the status bar crashes on item 481 every time). What's weird is all of my auto saves crash as well at the same spot. I figured the original clip that I had been working on in AE may be damaged, so I moved it out of the folder and hit the Offline button during project load when it looked for the clip, no dice. So then I removed all the preview and files from the encoded folder, still no dice. I've basically now got just my .prproj file and my footage, even an older auto save untouched from earlier and just footage yet it still crashes at the same item. All my other projects open fine.


      Anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?



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          MrLoofer Level 1

          Here's some extra info. I should note that it doesn't actually crash on project open. The project opens fine and I'm able to see my timeline but after a few seconds it's pop up with the following error:




          Premiere Pro has encountered an error.




          I can recover my project by exporting to FCP and reimporting but I lose all clip settings and effects which is a major pain to re-do.


          Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try?



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            Studio North Films Level 3



            sorry to here you are having issues. Try to create a new project, then import your sequence back into the new project.



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              MrLoofer Level 1

              Thanks. Tried that and it still crashes. However, I think I've pinpointed the problem. It looks like the issue is with another sequence that was imported into my project from another project. The issue is with the audio files that came from that particular sequence. So basically if I now create a new project and import my other one, open the sequence and delete the audio files then save and re-open, the project opens fine. Alternatively, if I select the audio clips that are causing the problem and to a "replace with clip from bin" (when I've highlighted the correct clip). This also resolves the problem. Maybe there's a bug regarding copying audio from imported sequences or something. Oh well, at least I got my project back!



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                Studio North Films Level 3

                great to here you got it working.