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    Indesign CS5 – links needs relinking when saving file

    Philippa Kelly

      I have a staff member who is working in InDesign CS5 on a iMac 10.6.8. Today he created a new file, placed an illustrator file in and saved the file. Soonafter he modified that illustrator file and then went back into his inDesign file to update the link. However when he did either Save or Save As, that link showed that it needed to be updated (or relinked) again (i.e. the exlamation mark icon came up again in the Links palette).


      We tested it on some other macs with the same specs and the file/InDesign behaves as it should, so it is isolated to that user only.


      Has anyone ever came across this problem and how can I resolve this. Trashing prefs, running permissions repair, etc did not do anything.