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    How do i purchase access to LiveCycle Barcoded Forms?

    JGLivecycleVejdk Level 1

      I am currently creating a form in Adobe Livecycle ES2. I want to put a PDF417 2D barcode on the form containing the data of the fields in the form. The customer should be able to use Adobe reader to fill out the form and the barcode should update with the field information. However to do this i need to purchase a license for LiveCycle Barcoded Forms. In order to get this license it seems that I need to purchase Livecycle reader Extensions ES2. However the product is not available online and when contacting Adobe no one knows how I can purchase this product. I have been in contact with: Adobe customer service Denmark, Adobe support Denmark, Adobe sales Denmark, Adobe customer service Sweden, Adobe Support Sweden, Adobe Sales UK, Adobe support UK, Dustin Denmark (Adobe reseller).


      Does anyone know how to purchase this product or how much it costs to purchase?


      An additional question i have is if there is a product that works in a similar way for Adobe Acrobat X Pro? Or do i also need Livecycle reader Extensions ES2 to unlock user rights for barcoded forms made with Acrobat X Pro?