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    Flex 3 <mx:Image> Content Resize Issue

      Hi all!

      Forgive me if this is a simple issue which I've overlooked. I have the attached code in a Flex 3 Application.

      This function is triggered by an itemClick event on a list and functions properly. The "caption" and "video" designations are fields in my data provider; "caption" contains text to be displayed elsewhere and "video" contains the URL of a SWF.

      When I debug the application, it works as expected. The SWF loads and resizes to fit the container. However, when published, the loaded SWF fails to resize and instead displays at its native size. The SWFs are Flash 9 SWFs created with ActionScript 2.0, in case that has bearing.

      What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help or insight you might be able to give!
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          slaingod Level 1
          I have seen a number of issues with sizing, because the 'stage' for the embedded swf is no longer its own, but the Flex app's. Usually I've worked around this by making sure the stage size for my embedded swf is set to 'content size'. Many times this happens as well when you embed the same object more than once, instead of embedding it once in a [Bindable] embed directive.