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    Remote Topic Links not working from TOC


      Hi I have a project I have been updating for many years. It uses a number of links in the TOC to remote topics. I have 2 problems



      • I updated one of the projects containing the remote links, and the links are still displaying the old files even though I have updated all copies of the file on my PC and the baggage file appears to link to the correct place.



      I have just created a brand new help project in RH8 and linked to the updated chms file, and it still links to the previous version. I i rename the file and do the saame link, but to th erenamed file all is fine. Unfortunately I can't rename the file.


      • I added a new link to a topic in a new remote chm, and when I tested it it didn't work. Exiting remote links from the TOC worked.  I also noticed that the chm containing the remote topic was not copied to the SSL directory like others. After a bit of testing I found that even if I created a brand new project created the same link it still did not work. However when I added a link to the same remote topic in a topic that link worked as did the link from the TOC.


      I have tried this in RH8 and 9 I am creating chm files



      Any ideas

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          Author care Level 2


          I had similar problems with a CHM based merged help project. I had to remove links in the master project TOC to the child projects and then re-add them otherwise the links didn't work when the help was displayed from the hard disk of another pc by the user of that pc. In fact we changed to using web help because of it..


          Oh and this was uing RH8.

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            TimEm Level 1

            Thanks for your response


            I have investigated a bit more and am even more confused.


            I compiled it on 2 other PCs one had just been re imaged and got the same results (none what i wanted)


            Basically the link to the remote topic is wrong. I have set links to 3 different chms file all located in the baggage, and in the project directory. When the project compiles the references some how they change and point to different locations. One points to the SSL directory, and one points to another directory on the PC I have no idea why. If you delete the actual chm file the link does not work if it is there it works. This suprised me as I thought the linked chms were compiled inot the master one


            The problem is the link are not in the final instal ldirectory of the hel file so won't work


            Any ideas

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              Author care Level 2

              Only thing I can suggest is:

              1. Remove links from TOC
              2. Add lins to chms located in the location of the compiled build.


              What I do is to compile the help project to a completely separate folder and that includes any linked CHMS.

              Also I use the add merged project function to add linked projects (the diamond shasped icon)


              Example folder structure:


              C:\Master folder containing source help project

              C:\Build folder containing compiled output.


              Finally note that all RH projects should be run from a real folder on your C drive and initially also compiled output.

              Would recommend againbst using folders under My documents for example.


              Hope this helps...